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The Boot Hill Bulletin

You never need to miss a moment with all the latest The Boot Hill All Stars news compiled in one place. From tour dates and album releases, to reviews, interviews, and more—stay in the know with this regularly updated news section.

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Heading 5

Out Out at Outcider

For those of you who made it to Outcider this weekend, it was great to be among you all, and even the weather didn't dampen the proceedings. Many thanks to Kev and the Fuelled by Cider crew for inviting us. We had a ball and we have a feeling we might see some of you at Barnstomper next month

August 09, 2021

The Barge_edited.jpg

Boot Hill take The Barge

June 27, 2021

Great write up here from Darren at Devizine.

Gig Packing.jpg

Here's your handy cut out and keep gig list for 2021.

Full details on the gig page.

July 28, 2021

2021 Gig List

Gigs 2.jpg

Boot Hill Sell Out!

June 27, 2021

Thanks to everyone who came along last nights gig - a sold out show and so many old faces and a load of new ones.
Special thanks goes to Lenny, Skylar and everyone at The Barge Inn - Honeystreet, Dry White Bones, Will Angeloro and everyone who chair danced, waved their underwear in the air and got into the spirit of it.
It's very weird getting back into the swing of it, but dang... it's great to be back!!

Back in the Saddle

June 23, 2021

A real actual gig this weekend. No football shirts, no horses, no Tory donors on the promoters team, just a real gig at the The Barge Inn - Honeystreet

I've already packed all my gear like a kid excited about going on holiday.

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